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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For people with hemi-inattention, what does "anosognosis" mean?
(a) Unawareness that they are neglecting one half of their bodies.
(b) Inability to communicate language confusion.
(c) Unawareness of their physical bodies.
(d) Inability to communicate physical distress.

2. Before Sacks's cast was taken off, what did he dream that it was filled with?
(a) Someone else's leg.
(b) A lacerated leg.
(c) Air or rotting bones.
(d) Joy and concerto music.

3. What important concept did Sacks find in Kant's writing?
(a) A living concept of time and space.
(b) A vivid concept of the body-ego connection.
(c) A modern concept of personhood.
(d) A traditional concept of man's relation to the world.

4. What did Sacks hope to accomplish by reading Head's books?
(a) Understand how to prevent body alienation in the future.
(b) Divert his thinking from his own past.
(c) Learn the emotional intricacies of body alienation.
(d) Receive illumination about his experiences.

5. Why did Sacks refer to the doctor's visits as "odious" (Chapter Six, pg 159)?
(a) He preferred to be the doctor as the patient.
(b) He had to play the part of the accepting, passive patient.
(c) The doctor was unusually harsh with him.
(d) He did not trust or like the doctor.

6. Sacks had written to Luria explaining his accident and the subsequent alienation he felt. What was Luria's response?
(a) Sacks was opening a new medical field.
(b) Sacks' experience was odd but worth writing about.
(c) Sacks' experience was unique.
(d) Luria did not understand Sacks' experience.

7. What was scheduled for Wednesday the 11th?
(a) Sacks would move from the hospital to the convalescent home.
(b) Therapy would become quite intense.
(c) Sacks would get out of bed and walk.
(d) The temporary leg cast would be removed.

8. What was the name of the convalescent home where Sacks recovered?
(a) Because his mental faculties are not engaged in the world around him.
(b) Because, if he has strong familial support, the world's shrinking does not matter.
(c) Because his frame of reference has also shrunk.
(d) Because he is caught up in the intricacies of his disease.

9. How has Sacks always liked to think of himself?
(a) As an inventor.
(b) As an explorer.
(c) As a humanitarian.
(d) As a risk-taker.

10. What was Sacks's general opinion about the patients in the convalescent home?
(a) They were pretty knowledgeable about the world and their places in it.
(b) They were all smarter than the doctors.
(c) They were generally stupid and clueless.
(d) None of them had as compelling a story as he did.

11. Following the book fair, why did Sacks take the slow train from Boston to New York?
(a) He wanted to begin reading Head's books.
(b) He had to kill time before an evening appointment.
(c) He wanted to enjoy life at a slow pace.
(d) He did not have enough money for the faster train.

12. What is the most important reason for the young painter's misery?
(a) He could not hide his worsening illness.
(b) He could not hide his wish for death.
(c) He knew he was dying and could not accept it.
(d) He was impatient for the moment of death.

13. How much did Sacks walk the day after his second surgery?
(a) Half a dozen steps.
(b) Half a mile.
(c) Half the length of the hospital hallway.
(d) Not at all.

14. What word does Nietzsche use to describe the feeling that convalescence brings?
(a) Calmness.
(b) Inebriation.
(c) Intoxication.
(d) Brightness.

15. Who, in Sacks's family, had worked closely with Head?
(a) His brother.
(b) His mother.
(c) His father.
(d) His cousin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before he took a step, what visual problem did Sacks have?

2. What tragedy did Darwin experience, which Sacks explains?

3. What vital change in the world happened once Sacks moved out of his first hospital room?

4. At what moment did Sacks's leg "return" to his body?

5. How had Sacks tried to revive his left leg?

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