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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did scotoma overwhelm Sacks the most?
(a) At night.
(b) Early afternoon.
(c) When he was happy.
(d) When he was tired.

2. While in limbo, what feeling did Sacks have to allow, which he first found humiliating?
(a) Activity.
(b) Inerrancy.
(c) Inadequacy.
(d) Passivity.

3. What was Sacks's general opinion about the patients in the convalescent home?
(a) None of them had as compelling a story as he did.
(b) They were generally stupid and clueless.
(c) They were pretty knowledgeable about the world and their places in it.
(d) They were all smarter than the doctors.

4. What problem did Sacks find with Leontev and Zaporozhet's book?
(a) The book was not written cohesively.
(b) The authors did not move beyond systematic analysis.
(c) The authors did not analyze the data they created.
(d) The authors did not interview enough patients.

5. Sacks did not attend the memorial service for W. H. Auden because he thought he was too weak to travel. Where was this service held?
(a) St. Paul's Cathedral.
(b) Buckingham Palace.
(c) St. Martin-in-the-Field.
(d) Westminster Abbey.

6. The day that Sacks moved out of his first hospital room, how far did he walk?
(a) He could not walk at all.
(b) Half a mile.
(c) Three blocks.
(d) A mile.

7. What reason did Sacks give for hating any creature with health?
(a) After everything he went through, he deserved it.
(b) It was one step along the road to recovery.
(c) It was the sickness speaking.
(d) The healthy creatures could not understand him.

8. Previous to this injury, when Sacks had had electrical currents applied to his injured neck muscles, what happened?
(a) His neck muscles had remained tense and nearly immobile.
(b) He felt shooting pains in his back.
(c) He had the undeniable impulse to shrug.
(d) His neck muscles immediately relaxed.

9. What group of people did Weir Mitchell write about?
(a) The patients in his New York clinic.
(b) Healthy Korean veterans.
(c) Wounded Civil War veterans.
(d) Wounded WWII veterans.

10. What two sounds was Sacks caught between?
(a) The tune of man and the din of hell.
(b) The tunelessness of man and the melody of woman.
(c) The silence of hell and the cry of man.
(d) The song of the earth and the silence of man.

11. In the convalescent home, what did Sacks's first breakfast partner find amusing?
(a) The irony of their respective leg injuries.
(b) Sacks' situation.
(c) The jokes of the serving nurses.
(d) Everything about the world.

12. Sacks had written to Luria explaining his accident and the subsequent alienation he felt. What was Luria's response?
(a) Sacks' experience was odd but worth writing about.
(b) Sacks' experience was unique.
(c) Sacks was opening a new medical field.
(d) Luria did not understand Sacks' experience.

13. According to Sacks, what was "the only proper posture of the soul at this time" (Chapter Three, pg 113)?
(a) Action and prayer.
(b) Action.
(c) Passivity and patience.
(d) Patience.

14. How does a person suffering from alienation of a limb think about that part of his body?
(a) He does not think about that limb.
(b) It makes no sense to him.
(c) It seems to belong to someone else.
(d) He thinks of himself as whole but injured.

15. What advantage did the mystics and metaphysical poets offer?
(a) Deep expressions of despair.
(b) Hope without a specific religion.
(c) Beautiful language to express hope.
(d) Vivid pictures of the abstract concepts which Sacks sought.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hannah Arendt's idea about the space without time?

2. During his recovery, what did Sacks decide was the most important thing of all?

3. What escapade did Sacks try to pull during his last night in the hospital?

4. Sacks references a chapter in Luria's book The Man with a Shattered World that profoundly affected his thoughts about recovery. What was the name of this chapter?

5. For people with hemi-inattention, what does "anosognosis" mean?

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