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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Sacks refer to the doctor's visits as "odious" (Chapter Six, pg 159)?
(a) He did not trust or like the doctor.
(b) He preferred to be the doctor as the patient.
(c) The doctor was unusually harsh with him.
(d) He had to play the part of the accepting, passive patient.

2. How did Sacks's knee return to its full functionality?
(a) He was challenged to swim.
(b) He went through one week of therapy.
(c) He walked one mile a day.
(d) He stopped thinking about its physical movements.

3. Before he took a step, what visual problem did Sacks have?
(a) The floor looked closer than it actually was.
(b) He could not distinguish colors.
(c) He could not see his feet.
(d) He could not judge objects or distances.

4. In the quote from St. John of the Cross in Chapter Three, where does the light guide the man?
(a) To the place of unconditional love.
(b) To the place where God was waiting for him.
(c) To peaceful darkness.
(d) To the place of eternal peace.

5. In Chapter Five, Sacks quotes poetry to explain the importance of music: "You are the music/ While the music lasts." Who wrote these lines?
(a) St. John of the Cross.
(b) Nietzsche.
(c) Kant.
(d) Eliot.

6. At the beginning of Chapter Four, what is the essence of William Harvey's questions?
(a) What is the first cause of movement?
(b) How much control does man have over his movements?
(c) What is the first cause of thought?
(d) What controls all bodily movements?

7. How many days did Sacks spend in his small hospital room?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Eight.
(d) Thirty.

8. When Sacks gave thanks for his health and recovery, what was most important about that action?
(a) The feeling of humility and gratefulness.
(b) The words he used to express his thoughts.
(c) The deity to whom he addressed his thanks.
(d) The amount of thankfulness he actually felt.

9. When Sacks talks about the hole in memory and identity, what is he referring to (Afterword, pg 200)?
(a) A hole in the primary consciousness.
(b) A hole in his sense of selfhood.
(c) A hole in the higher-order consciousness.
(d) A hole in his subconscious understanding of the world.

10. While in limbo, what feeling did Sacks have to allow, which he first found humiliating?
(a) Inerrancy.
(b) Inadequacy.
(c) Passivity.
(d) Activity.

11. Previous to this injury, when Sacks had had electrical currents applied to his injured neck muscles, what happened?
(a) His neck muscles immediately relaxed.
(b) His neck muscles had remained tense and nearly immobile.
(c) He felt shooting pains in his back.
(d) He had the undeniable impulse to shrug.

12. When moving out of his tiny hospital room, why did Sacks see the world as two-dimensional?
(a) The denervation process had also affected his eyes.
(b) His vision reflected his changed thinking.
(c) The denervation process had affected only his left eye.
(d) His field of vision had shrunk.

13. As the Sister took the stitches out of Sacks's leg, what did he think?
(a) That she was not being gentle.
(b) That she was being gentle but the procedure still hurt.
(c) That she was fiddling around.
(d) That he could not wait to go hiking again.

14. Previous to his accident, how did Sacks think things were accomplished in the world?
(a) By love and understanding.
(b) By reason and will.
(c) By external impetus.
(d) By sheer willpower.

15. The day that Sacks moved out of his first hospital room, how far did he walk?
(a) He could not walk at all.
(b) Three blocks.
(c) A mile.
(d) Half a mile.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two sounds was Sacks caught between?

2. Once he began walking again, what time had arrived for Sacks?

3. How did one of the surgical registrars refer to being a patient?

4. At what moment did Sacks's leg "return" to his body?

5. What was scheduled for Wednesday the 11th?

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