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Objective: Preface and Acknowledgements The poet Thomas Gunn has written convincingly about the occasions of poetry: those moments when poetry is suddenly, beautifully clear. Every occasion of poetry is an epiphany. Sacks ties this idea into science as well, those times when a scientific principle suddenly becomes clear. This lesson examines the idea of the occasion of both poetry and science, especially as it may relate to Sacks's life.

1. Group Discussion. What is an occasion of poetry? How might such an occasion arise? How is this idea applied to science? Does this new application change the idea?

2. Journal Writing. What does this idea of "the occasion of poetry" mean to you? Have you read or studied a similar idea? In what other areas of life might these occasions be possible?

3. Class Discussion. How plausible is this idea of the occasion of poetry or science? What role does...

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