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Drawing Movements

Using pictures, draw the various types of Sacks's movement throughout the book. For example, how did he hike up the mountain? How did he descend the mountain? What types of movements were possible following his injury?

Listening to Mendelssohn

Listen to Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto. What thoughts/emotions do you have? How do these compare to Sacks's?

Writing Your Autobiography

"A whole life, a whole universe, had been compressed into these weeks: a density of experience neither given to, nor desired by, most men; but one which, having happened, would refashion and direct me" (Chapter Six, pg 165). Using this idea, write an autobiography of a similar time in your life. The autobiography should be at least three pages long and should incorporate only the elements which apply to this idea.

Editing Journal Entries

Gather all your journal entries written during class and for homework. Edit them for...

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