A Leg to Stand On Character Descriptions

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The Author (Oliver Sacks) - This man is a noted neurologist, scientific investigator, physician, and writer. He challenges traditional thinking and practice around neurological science, considering it in relation to a patient's complete state of being and not, as he suggests most neurologists do, as a single isolated element of a patient's life.

A.R. Luria - This man was a noted Russian scientist, researcher, and writer. He blended anatomical studies of the human nervous system with analysis of human behavior to become one of the founding practitioners of neuro-psychology.

The Reindeer Hunters - This father and son, camping on the mountain, are able to rescue the injured man and recruit village men to carry him to the hospital.

Nurse Solveig, the Dancing Surgeon - This woman is the nurse who is assigned to the author when he first arrives at the hospital. She is cold...

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