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Soddie - This is what the Deals live in until they find some success on their farm.

Piano - This object is what Grandma Deal buys for Isabelle.

Organ - This object is what Will promises to buy Abbie, but buys for Isabelle instead.

Paints - This item is what Abbie is given by a friend before moving to Nebraska.

Brown Wrapping Paper - This is what Abbie uses to write down her life story.

Clock - This item is given to Abbie when she marries and is something she owns until the day she dies.

Pearl Necklace - This item is what Abbie's mother gives to her on her wedding day.

Box - This place is where Abbie's mother keeps mementos from the days when her husband was still wealthy.

Portrait of Isabelle Anders-Mackenzie - This item is what Abbie's sister often talks about in her...

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