A Lantern in Her Hand Character Descriptions

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Abbie Mackenzie Deal

This character, the story's protagonist, is an eight year old with big dreams when the novel begins.

Will Deal

This character is the child of the farmer with the largest crop in Blackhawk County, Iowa.

Grandpa and Grandma Deal

These characters invite their newlywed son to live in their home.

Mackenzie 'Mack' Deal and Emma Lutz Deal

This character moves to Omaha at age seventeen.

John Deal and Eloise Wentworth Deal

These characters return to Cedartown to open a law practice.

Margaret, Isabelle and Grace Deal

These character are daughters of the story's protagonist.

Laura and Katherine Deal

These characters are the protagonist's grandchildren.

Dr. Ed Matthews

This character pays a man to go to war.

Christine Reinmueller

This character is described as unpleasant and dirty.

Henry and Sarah Lutz

These characters open a general store.

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