A Lantern in Her Hand Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-5

• The Mackenzies are a poor immigrant family in America who once lived a privileged life in Scotland.

• Following the death of her husband, Maggie Mackenzie moves her seven children from Illinois to Iowa.

• Abbie Mackenzie has big dreams of becoming an important person and becoming a famous singer.

• The Mackenzies stay in a small shed until the house being built for them is ready.

• The community gathers at the Deal house, as rumors about hostile Indians circulate.

• Abbie meets Will Deal, who has raised a deer from infancy, but must now release it into the wild.

• Abbie finds a rock in the forest, which she likes to pretend is a stage on which to sing.

• The child of Abbie's eldest sister dies of an unknown virus.
• Abbie begins attending school.

• Ed Matthews kills Will Deal's deer.

• Will's father, Grandpa Deal, is sent to represent Blackhawk County...

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