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Derrick Jensen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do bears attack bee colonies?
(a) For honey.
(b) For baby bees.
(c) For beeswax.
(d) For adult bees.

2. How long does it take a person to die of starvation?
(a) Six months.
(b) Six days.
(c) Six weeks.
(d) Sixty days.

3. Does Dr. Herman believe the perpetrators of atrocities believe their own lies?
(a) No.
(b) She has no idea.
(c) Maybe.
(d) Yes.

4. Why did the San Carlos Apache people not respond to the letters send by the forest service requesting input about putting additional telescopes on Mount Graham?
(a) They don't believe in responding to mail.
(b) They didn't get the letters in time.
(c) They wanted to telescopes.
(d) They didn't care.

5. On what has Backster not experimented?
(a) Plants.
(b) Yogurt.
(c) Cats.
(d) Bacteria.

6. How often does Jensen have nightmares?
(a) Two or three times a week.
(b) Every week.
(c) Once or twice a month.
(d) Every night.

7. What does Jensen say is the link between hot showers and the showers of Treblinka?
(a) Familial.
(b) No link.
(c) Causal.
(d) Many links.

8. What does Backster call his research?
(a) Bacteria research.
(b) Human attunement research.
(c) Primary perception research.
(d) Plant research.

9. What types of people does Jensen say are not the gods of our society?
(a) Those who try to gain control through the use of power.
(b) Those who try to implement egalitarianism.
(c) The kings and presidents.
(d) Those who are wealthy.

10. How does Jensen know it is the coyotes who are eating his offerings of bread?
(a) There are no more deer left.
(b) He sees the animals.
(c) The bring him meat.
(d) He sees their prints.

11. What does Jensen say when he is passed the talking stick?
(a) He tells the group members they are misusing the stick.
(b) He says if he had a chance to live his life again he would have killed his father.
(c) He tells the group he is a cannibal.
(d) He refuses to talk with the stick.

12. How does Jensen describe his beginnings in the bee business?
(a) Quick.
(b) Dreamlike.
(c) Draining.
(d) Dishonest.

13. What is not a symptom of Crohn's?
(a) Stomach cramps.
(b) Diarrhea.
(c) Growth spurts.
(d) High fever.

14. What has Jensen been taking to the coyote tree in the chapter "Violence Revisited?"
(a) Bread.
(b) Spray paint.
(c) Chickens.
(d) Stakes.

15. How many times did Jensen's father ask if he could attend Jensen's jump meet?
(a) Twice.
(b) He never asked.
(c) Three times.
(d) Once.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ruth Benedict identify as a differentiating factor for "bad" cultures?

2. When did Jensen's bees first die?

3. What does Jensen conclude that it is the responsibility of members of a community to do?

4. What group was not backing the fight to build an observatory on Mount Graham?

5. What percentage of those polled thought it was acceptable for police to use pepper spray on nonviolent, non-resisting protestors?

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