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Derrick Jensen
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what animal does Jensen dream?
(a) Doves.
(b) Cranes.
(c) Eyeglasses.
(d) Pelicans.

2. What types of people have hurt women the most?
(a) Other women.
(b) Indians.
(c) Christians.
(d) Indigenous people.

3. What device does Jensen say determines our view of surrounding circumstances?
(a) Cultural eyeglasses.
(b) Cultural binoculars.
(c) Cultural press.
(d) Cultural blinders.

4. For what reason were the Arawaks exterminated?
(a) They were unwilling to reproduce.
(b) They were kind.
(c) They were cruel.
(d) They were sick.

5. What type of tree did the aphids attack?
(a) A mimosa.
(b) An oak.
(c) A maple.
(d) A fir.

6. What does Jensen indicate is the key to interspecies communication?
(a) Learning the other species' language.
(b) Opening one's mind.
(c) Getting on their level.
(d) Believing that it is possible.

7. Why does the mother in the social security office berate her daughter?
(a) She had an accident.
(b) She stole some money.
(c) She lost her shoes.
(d) She slapped an infant.

8. What finally kills Jensen's aphids?
(a) Cold water.
(b) Wasps.
(c) Insecticides.
(d) Ladybugs.

9. What two things does Jensen indicate are often associated in modern culture?
(a) Sex and death.
(b) Violence and sex.
(c) Sex and life.
(d) Life and violence.

10. Why does Jensen enjoy his economics classes?
(a) He doesn't enjoy them.
(b) He doesn't take them seriously.
(c) He understands the concepts.
(d) He likes money.

11. What types of animals does Jensen raise?
(a) Beef cattle.
(b) Chickens and ducks.
(c) Sheep and goats.
(d) Dairy cattle.

12. According to Jensen, on what belief is the entire culture based?
(a) People are blind.
(b) People are honest.
(c) The earth is alive.
(d) The earth is inanimate.

13. Jensen says there is a language older than _______________.
(a) Lies.
(b) Grenades.
(c) Words.
(d) Silence.

14. Why does Jensen not blow up the dams?
(a) He has no dynamite.
(b) He doesn't know how to.
(c) He can't get to the dam.
(d) He is too frightened.

15. What does Jensen wish about his childhood?
(a) It was worse.
(b) It never happened.
(c) It was different.
(d) He could forget it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under what religious beliefs was Jensen raised?

2. Why does Jensen really go to graduate school?

3. What does Jensen begin doing when he doesn't jump well?

4. What characterizes the Semai people?

5. What does Jim Nollman do?

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