Objects & Places from A Language Older Than Words

Derrick Jensen
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The Stars

Jensen says these items helped to keep him alive as a child.

A Pink Camaro

This is the car that belonged to Jensen's brother.

A Grenade

It is the imagery of this item being ignored at a party that Jensen uses to describe the way that humans react to the violence and atrocities of the world.


These animals are a major player in Jensen's writing as he comes to recognize his own connection with the world as a whole.

A White Flag and a United States Flag

The Cheyenne's principal leader waved both of these items at attacking American troops in an attempt to show that the Indians in the village were friendly. Despite the signs, however, the American troops, lead by Chivington, massacre the Indian village.

The Coyote Tree

This item is a tall, shapely pine near which Jensen places his offerings for the...

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