A Language Older Than Words Fun Activities

Derrick Jensen
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Write a Story

Write a story from the coyotes' point of view about their interaction with Jensen. Do they really understand what he says to them? How do they feel about the bargain that he makes with them?

High Jumping

Try high jumping. How does it make you feel? Is Jensen's description correct? Is there anything in your life that you use in the same way that Jensen used his high jumping?

Communication with Animals

Interview two or three people to see if they believe animals can communicate with humans. Record their responses. What was your opinion of communication between species before you spoke to these people? Have their responses changed your views? Why or why not?

Observe Behavior

Observe people in a shopping mall, park or restaurant. How do they treat one another? How many incidents of kindness do you observe? Violence or anger? Indifference?



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