A Language Older Than Words Character Descriptions

Derrick Jensen
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My Father - A socially respected, wealthy, and deeply religious lawyer who beat and raped his wife and children behind closed doors.

Viktor Frankl - A former prisoner at Auschwitz who concludes that there are only two races of people - decent people and indecent people.

Yanomame Indians - A tribe of Indians, many of whom were shot when they tried to protect their land against mining prospectors in Venezuela.

Jim Nollman - A man who has spent a great deal of his life studying the way animals communicate with each other and with humans.

Jeannette Armstrong - A traditional Okanagan Indian who works as an author, teacher, and philosopher.

Jensen - The main character and narrator of this book.

My Mother - This character tries to keep her husband from abusing her children by taking the blows herself.

Semai - This is a tribe of people...

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