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Patrick D. Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. What causes the trip back from Punta Rassa to be slower in Chapter 32?

2. How many provisions can Zech purchase at Fort Drum after the winter storms?

3. How long ago had Keith Tiger passed away when Sol visits the Seminole village?

4. What is Emma doing when she collapses?

5. When is Zech's son, Solomon, born?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Sol and Toby meet for the second time?

2. How does Tobias die?

3. What changes have happened for the MacIveys when Chapter 29 begins in 1888?

4. What event in 1892 causes Tobias to wonder about the future of the cattle driving business?

5. What news does Tawanda have for Zech on his visit to the Seminole village after the cattle drive?

6. How does Zech see Tawanda for the second time?

7. What are some of the exciting things happening for the MacIvey family in February of 1880?

8. How is the MacIvey story brought full circle in the way the book ends?

9. What news does Keith Tiger bring to Zech at the end of Chapter 34, and how does he respond?

10. Why does Sol decide to leave the MacIvey homestead?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the ongoing conflict with the cattle rustlers and the author's use of foreshadowing within the events. How does it first begin? What is the motive of the rustlers? How does Zech respond to them initially? What advice does Tobias give his son and why? How is Tobias' advice an example of foreshadowing? What later events complete the foreshadowing? Where and how does the conflict end? What does the reader learn about both Tobias and Zech during their battle with the cattle rustlers?

Essay Topic 2

Smith writes A Land Remembered with descriptions and a subtle change in the perspective of the characters.

1) Describe three examples of the author's use of figurative or descriptive language, why he chooses to use it during those events, and how it adds to the effect of the story.

2) Explain how the point of view shifts from Tobias to Zech to Sol during the book, when the shifts occur, and why they are necessary for the impact of the story.

Essay Topic 3

Both Tobias and Emma change as a result of the success the family enjoys from the cattle and orange businesses. Using the entire book to provide examples, analyze the way each one of them changes, as well as the similarities and differences in their response to success.

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