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Patrick D. Smith
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Glenda tell Emma in confidence at the end of Chapter 25?

2. What year does Sol launch the MacIvey Produce Company?

3. What is Emma doing when she collapses?

4. How many acres does Zech's plan initially involve?

5. How many men are standing in Tobias' way during a cattle drive at the end of Chapter 28?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

As Tobias learns about the amount of money being given for cows at Punta Rassa, he makes a crucial decision that has a lasting effect on his family's legacy.

1) Describe the MacIveys' first trip to Punta Rassa, how it is interrupted, the way both Tobias and Emma respond to it, and why Tobias is not discouraged after it.

2) Explain what happens on the second trip the MacIveys make to Punta Rassa, including the challenges they face, and Tobias' view throughout the trip.

3) Analyze the decision Tobias makes to pursue the market in Punta Rassa and its importance to the future of the MacIvey family.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Sol and Toby's relationship from the way it began to their last meeting, which occurs at the beginning of the book. Use the entire story as a reference in describing their disagreement, the major differences in how they each view the world, the reasons for those differences, and how they are eventually resolved. Also, include how the author uses irony in this part of the story.

Essay Topic 3

A Land Remembered chronicles three generations of the MacIvey family.

1) Compare and contrast Tobias with Zech and Sol, analyzing how they each viewed the world, and how they changed with each generation.

2) Describe three major similarities between Tobias, Zech, and Sol in how they choose to live their lives.

3) Describe three major differences between Tobias, Zech, and Sol in how they choose to live their lives.

4) Explain how the MacIveys' story comes full circle at the end of the book and what a possible future holds for the family's name and land.

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