A Land Remembered Short Essay - Answer Key

Patrick D. Smith
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1. What year does A Land Remembered begin and what is the setting?

A Land Remembered begins in 1968 in Miami, Florida. Solomon MacIvey is riding in his chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and looking at all of the buildings and real estate developments in the city.

2. How does Solomon feel about the way the city has changed as a result of the real estate projects?

Solomon is disgusted with the state of the city. He is particularly offended at the buildings that have taken over the land, including the ones built by his own real estate company.

3. What does Solomon ask Toby in the beginning of the book, and what is Toby's response?

Solomon and Toby meet for the last time at the Seminole Indian Village near the Everglades. Solomon asks Toby to join him at the MacIvey homestead to live out their last days, but Toby declines, knowing that he must remain in the village.

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