Objects & Places from A Land Remembered

Patrick D. Smith
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Miami, Florida

This is a metropolitan city in southeastern Florida famous for its beaches and mix of ethnic cultures.


This is a swampy wetlands area in south central Florida.

Big Cypress Swamp

This is the area inhabited by the Seminole Indians in southern Florida.


This is the great marsh area near the Seminole Indian village located in southern Florida.

St. Johns River

This river runs southward parallel to the east coast of Florida.


This is an isolated area typically overgrown with vegetation where the MacIveys build their home.


This is a small horse bred in Florida whose size provides the ultimate agility for rounding up cattle.

Punta Rassa

This location is on the west coast of Florida, south of Fort Myers, and is where the MacIveys sell their cattle.


This is a town in central Florida where Tobias finds Frog and Bonzo and...

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