A Land Remembered Character Descriptions

Patrick D. Smith
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Tobias MacIvey - This character is the patriarch of his family, who migrates to the Florida wilderness and begins a successful cattle driving business while maintaining a level of dignity in a changing world.

Emma MacIvey - This character accompanies her spouse and infant to Florida to escape the encroaching Civil War in Georgia, while offering relentless support as the silent strength of the family.

Zech MacIvey - This character is brought to Florida from Georgia during the days leading up to the Civil War by his parents and eventually grows up to secure the family's position by purchasing thousands of acres of unspoiled Florida land.

Glenda Turner MacIvey - Although coming from a more privileged background, this character marries into the MacIvey family and has a child while contributing to the cattle drives and orange crops.

Solomon MacIvey - This is the third generation of the...

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