Objects & Places from A Kind of Freedom

Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson
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Seventh Ward

This is a Creole area where Evelyn's family lives in the nicest house on their block.

Twelfth Ward

This is a poor area in New Orleans where Renard is from.

City Park

This is the location where Evelyn and Renard wished for shade until a police officer harassed them.


These are a sound of danger that Jackie constantly hears outside her apartment building.


Terry goes to treatment to try and quit this highly addictive drug.

Police Cars

Jackie wishes these represented safety to her, but they actually represent danger.

Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans is still rebuilding four years after this catastrophic event.

The East

This location is referred to as the promised land, a dream, and a miracle.

FEMA Trailers

People who cannot afford to rebuild their homes live in these.


These are a comfort food in all of the story's timelines.

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