A Kind of Freedom Character Descriptions

Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson
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This character attends nursing school, falls in love, and is the protagonist of the 1944 timeline. This character rebels against their parents and follows their heart.


This character attends vocational school, can be moody, and is close with their sister. This character uses food as a coping mechanism for their emotions.


This character is studying to be a doctor, comes from a poor family, and begins a new relationship. This character enlists in the war with the promise that the government will pay for their schooling.


This character comes from a wealthy family, treats their friend like a sibling, and starts dating. This character does not appear in all three timelines.


This character is the protagonist of the 1963 timeline, has an infant, and lives in a dangerous neighborhood. This character is in love with someone who is a drug addict and it affects their life...

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