A Kierkegaard Anthology Fun Activities

Robert W. Bretall
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Author 411

Students should research information on the author, Soren Kierkegaard, including information regarding his childhood, education, and other interesting facts, such as what inspired him to write the book. Students should share the information gathered and present it to the class.


Students should create a piece of sculpture with modeling clay and put it on display in the classroom. Students should explain why they chose that image and its significance to the book.

Time Line

Create a time line that traces the events during Kierkegaard's life from his birth to death. The time line should include family events, publications, and other major events. Students should then create a master time line to put on display in the class.

Author Q&A

Students should write three questions that they would like to ask Kierkegaard regarding writing the book and try to find the answers. Students should break into...

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