A Kierkegaard Anthology Character Descriptions

Robert W. Bretall
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Soren Kierkegaard

This person focuses on the analysis of personal experience to find something universal in human experience.

God/Jesus Christ

The author states that this teaches men real truth and how to become their true selves.

Regina Olsen

This person is a serious love interest and is obsessed over.

Johannes Climacus

This person is the pure aesthete and is a pseudonym.

G.W.F. Hegel

This person is a philosopher whose ideas dominated Europe and does not believe that one must make stark choices to become what one is supposed to be.

Johannes de Silentio

This person is the author of Fear and Trembling.

Abraham, The Knight of Faith

This person grows in faith and trusts God in every way.

The Christian

This person is revolutionized.

The Denmark State Church

This is often an object of criticism for the author.


This person is the author of...

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