A Kierkegaard Anthology Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert W. Bretall
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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1, The Journals

* Chapter 1, The Journals includes passages from Kierkegaard's journals, some which predate his conversion to Christianity.

* On July 29, 1835, Kierkegaard found himself in Gilbjerg where he felt contentment and turned away from the busy world.

* Kierkegaard is aware of Christ's words about the sparrow.

* Kierkegaard converts and feels that the gifts God gives must be a punishment and may disappear.

* Kierkegaard feels despair.

* Kierkegaard loves Regina Olsen, but they break their engagement. She is madly in love, and he feels he cannot share part of himself with her.

Chapter 2, Either/Or, A Fragment of Life

* In Chapter 2, Either/Or, A Fragment of Life, Kierkegaard leaves for Berlin after breaking up with Regina and loses himself in philosophy, attending lectures opposing Hegel.

* Kierkegaard works on a book that he publishes under the pseudonym Victor Eremita.

* The title of the book depicts the decisive choices made in life.

* Kierkegaard...

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