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Short Answer Questions

1. One of Kinsey's contacts lets her in on some new information about a past work position Lyle Abernathy held. What is the information?

2. What valuable piece of information does Greg Fife tell Kinsey that relates to his father's case?

3. What had Diane Fife experienced a lot of after her father's death?

4. Why was Lyle let go from the work position he had held in the past?

5. After learning of Gwen's confession, whom does Kinsey let know she is going out of town?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kinsey takes boxes of Libby's things back to the motel room. What does she do and what does she find?

2. After visiting Greg Fife, Kinsey goes to see Diane Fife, his sister. What does Diane share with Kinsey about her parents?

3. After Garry shares his news about Lyle, Gwen Fife calls Kinsey, and they arrange to meet for lunch. What does Gwen tell Kinsey, and how does Kinsey respond?

4. While driving back to Santa Teresa after visiting Garry Steinberg, what does Kinsey realize about her relationship with Charlie? How do Sharon's phone bills help her verify this?

5. What does Greg Fife tell Kinsey about his father's allergy that might have some bearing on the case?

6. After taking photos of Marcia Threadgill, Garry Steinberg passes some information on to Kinsey. What is it, and why might it be important to the case?

7. After confronting Lyle in L.A., Kinsey goes to the accounting firm where Libby used to work. What does she tell Garry Steinberg that she suspects about Charlie?

8. On the Monday after her meal with Charlie, Kinsey meets with Con Dolan at homicide. What is the outcome of her meeting with Con?

9. After meeting with Garry Steinberg, Kinsey goes back to the Glass residence where only Mrs. Glass is waiting for her. What happens when they go down to the basement to get Libby's things?

10. After her fight with Charlie, what does Kinsey do? What does this make her realize? What happens when he comes over later to apologize?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting refers to the time and the place where a story takes place. Compare and contrast the main settings of "'A' Is for Alibi": Santa Teresa, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. How do the settings have an impact on the novel? Cite at least three examples for each setting.

Essay Topic 2

What role do other characters play in the mystery novel "'A' Is for Alibi"? Are they as important to the narrative as the narrator (Kinsey) is? Give four examples where four other characters are central to the storytelling. Give two examples where the narrative is focused only on Kinsey. Give two examples where Kinsey's relationship with two other characters is the focus of the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

Tragic Flaw. Discuss your overall impression of Kinsey as a person. Is she good, bad, or average? What are her particular qualities that shape her personality and character as a human being? What is Kinsey's tragic flaw, and what is its part in "'A' Is for Alibi"?

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