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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kinsey travel to Nevada?

2. Nikki Fife wants Kinsey to investigate a crime from some years before. Where does she meet Kinsey?

3. Nikki served time for this crime. How long was she in jail?

4. What is one reason Charlie would like to see Sharon Napier again?

5. At their second meeting, Charlie and Kinsey talk about the Fife case. Charlie tells her Laurence travelled the week before he died. Where did Laurence go?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kinsey likes to jog every day, and when she goes out for her daily run after visiting Montebello, Charlie Scorsoni pulls up beside her in his blue Mercedes. They go back to Kinsey's apartment. What do they talk about there?

2. Who is Con Dolan, and why does Kinsey go to visit him?

3. How does Kinsey decide that she will investigate the case for Nikki?

4. Kinsey tells Nikki she believes that Nikki is innocent. She agrees to take the case on certain conditions. What are they? What does Nikki do?

5. What happens when Lyle comes over to lunch at the Glasses'?

6. After Nikki writes Kinsey a check for her services, the women talk about Sharon Napier. Who is Sharon and what does Nikki tell Kinsey about her? Whom does Kinsey suggest she herself should talk to?

7. After meeting Sharon at the casino, Kinsey goes back to her motel room to sleep, still feeling sick, and is woken up by a phone call from Sharon at 8:30 that night. What happens while Kinsey is on the phone with Sharon?

8. In Chapter 6, where does Kinsey meet Nikki to talk about what she has learned so far? What is the place like? What information do they share?

9. After her discussion with Charlotte Mercer, Kinsey decides she must find Sharon Napier. How does she do this?

10. Kinsey confronts Lyle after she leaves the Glass residence by following him to his workplace. How does he respond to her questions about Libby?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What do the element of challenges add to a work of fiction, in particular, the murder mystery novel? What challenges does Kinsey Millhone face in "'A' Is for Alibi"? Give four examples of challenges, and explain how she overcomes or is defeated by these challenges.

Essay Topic 2

Rising action in a story or novel leads to the climax. It is usually composed of conflict of some sort that will ultimately lead to a climax in the story. List five examples where Grafton introduces conflict into the rising action to lead the story to a climax.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how dialogue serves as a device to enhance:

(1) Exposition

(2) Characterization

(3) Foreshadowing

(4) Resolution

Give one example from "'A' Is for Alibi" that illustrates each of these elements.

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