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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Santa Teresa detective allow Kinsey to do?

2. How did the particular piece of evidence help convict Nikki?

3. What does Kinsey take out of the pocket of Sharon's bathrobe when she is at Sharon's apartment?

4. What does Kinsey do after she leaves the Glass's residence?

5. While at Rosie's, Nikki tells Kinsey she knows the name Libby Glass. How does she know it?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 6, where does Kinsey meet Nikki to talk about what she has learned so far? What is the place like? What information do they share?

2. What is Kinsey Millhone's occupation, and what do we know about her lifestyle?

3. At Rosie's, Nikki and Kinsey go over some of the other people who were involved in Laurence's life. Who were Laurence's family members?

4. How does Kinsey finally get in touch with Sharon Napier in Las Vegas, and what happens when she meets with her?

5. How does Kinsey decide that she will investigate the case for Nikki?

6. Gwen tells Kinsey that Laurence had an affair with the wife of a judge. What does Kinsey do with this information, and what does she find out?

7. What does Kinsey learn when she stops to speak to Laurence Fife's pharmacist before she leaves Montebello?

8. After Nikki writes Kinsey a check for her services, the women talk about Sharon Napier. Who is Sharon and what does Nikki tell Kinsey about her? Whom does Kinsey suggest she herself should talk to?

9. What is Charlie's reaction to Nikki Fife's reopening the murder case? What does he say about Gwen Fife, Sharon Napier, and Libby Glass?

10. What does the reader find out about the city of Santa Teresa in Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In reference to the plotting of "'A' Is for Alibi":

(1) Why are the events of the novel arranged as they are?

(2) What moves the narrative along? Is it external action or internal conflicts? Or a combination of both? Support your answer with three examples.

Essay Topic 2

Tone refers to the attitude of the author of a work. Through Kinsey, as the narrator of "'A' Is for Alibi," what is the author's tone at different stages of the book? Explain the tone, with examples:

1) At the beginning of the book, when Kinsey takes on the Fife case

2) When Kinsey is doing the groundwork of her investigation

3) When Kinsey gets involved with Charlie

4) When Kinsey gets the answers she needs to solve the case

Essay Topic 3

What do the element of challenges add to a work of fiction, in particular, the murder mystery novel? What challenges does Kinsey Millhone face in "'A' Is for Alibi"? Give four examples of challenges, and explain how she overcomes or is defeated by these challenges.

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