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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Kinsey Millhone's occupation?

2. What does Sharon Napier tell Kinsey about Laurence Fife?

3. Who was Laurence Fife having drinks with on the night that he died?

4. What happens the morning after Kinsey first meets with Sharon?

5. Gwen Fife and Kinsey meet again at a restaurant the evening of their first meeting. What information does Gwen give Kinsey about her children?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kinsey get to Las Vegas?

2. At the beginning of the novel, Kinsey is approached by Nikki Fife. What is Nikki's background, and what does she want Kinsey to do?

3. Kinsey likes to jog every day, and when she goes out for her daily run after visiting Montebello, Charlie Scorsoni pulls up beside her in his blue Mercedes. They go back to Kinsey's apartment. What do they talk about there?

4. Gwen tells Kinsey that Laurence had an affair with the wife of a judge. What does Kinsey do with this information, and what does she find out?

5. Kinsey confronts Lyle after she leaves the Glass residence by following him to his workplace. How does he respond to her questions about Libby?

6. Who is Con Dolan, and why does Kinsey go to visit him?

7. What does Kinsey find out about the Fife children by talking to Gwen at her dog-grooming business?

8. At Rosie's, Nikki and Kinsey go over some of the other people who were involved in Laurence's life. Who were Laurence's family members?

9. Kinsey meets Nikki for the second time at Rosie's Bar. What is Rose's Bar, and what do they discuss there?

10. After Nikki writes Kinsey a check for her services, the women talk about Sharon Napier. Who is Sharon and what does Nikki tell Kinsey about her? Whom does Kinsey suggest she herself should talk to?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The role of the protagonist is portrayed in "'A' Is for Alibi" in both a positive and a negative light. Give at least three examples from the novel that characterize Kinsey in both these lights. Analyze one aspect of her behavior in the novel that shows her, as a protagonist, less than perfect.

Essay Topic 2

Tragic Flaw. Discuss your overall impression of Kinsey as a person. Is she good, bad, or average? What are her particular qualities that shape her personality and character as a human being? What is Kinsey's tragic flaw, and what is its part in "'A' Is for Alibi"?

Essay Topic 3

Rising action in a story or novel leads to the climax. It is usually composed of conflict of some sort that will ultimately lead to a climax in the story. List five examples where Grafton introduces conflict into the rising action to lead the story to a climax.

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