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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Over dinner at the Ranch House, what does Charlie tell Kinsey about?
(a) His difficult childhood
(b) Laurence's affairs.
(c) His plans for the future.
(d) His failed marriage.

2. What does Libby's coworker tell Kinsey about Libby?
(a) That she was detail oriented and a good worker.
(b) That she was not easy to work with.
(c) That she used to meet Laurence Fife at her workplace.
(d) That she was very sharp and ambitious.

3. The day after her visit to Sharon's apartment, Kinsey meets with Gwen Fife's son Greg. Where does he live?
(a) Claremont.
(b) Monterey.
(c) Las Vegas.
(d) Salton Sea.

4. On the Monday after her date with Charlie at the Ranch House, Kinsey visits the Homicide Division at the Santa Teresa police station. What does she want done with the "Darling Elizabeth" letter?
(a) Have it dusted for prints.
(b) Have it destroyed.
(c) Have it placed in the Fife case evidence file.
(d) Have the detective realize Libby Glass's death was murder.

5. Kinsey asks the Homicide Division of the Santa Teresa police force what they found out about the "Darling Elizabeth" letter. What does the homicide detective tell her?
(a) That Nikki Fife's prints are all over it.
(b) That they couldn't recover any prints but the handwriting is almost certainly Laurence's.
(c) That it was actually written by two different people.
(d) That the handwriting matches Sharon Napier's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Colin Fife shows his mother and Kinsey a photo of Gwen Fife. What does he call Gwen?

2. Why was Lyle let go from the work position he had held in the past?

3. Gwen calls Kinsey to meet with her for the third time. What does she want to tell Kinsey?

4. While visiting Nikki and Colin for the second time, what does Kinsey tell her about Laurence?

5. Kinsey decides she has to talk to Gwen a fourth time. What are they doing when Gwen confesses to killing Laurence?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kinsey learn at her meeting with Garry Steinberg?

2. What is the result of Kinsey's going to the Ranch House restaurant with Charlie?

3. What surprising things does Gwen Fife tell Kinsey when she meets her at Rosie's Bar?

4. When she gets home from Nikki's beach house, Charlie is waiting for Kinsey, but she is not very happy to see him. She agrees to go to dinner with him. What happens at the Ranch House restaurant?

5. Kinsey phones Charlotte Mercer after discussing the "Darling Elizabeth" letter with Con Dolan. What does Charlotte tell her? Who can Kinsey now eliminate as suspects? Who can't she eliminate, causing her uneasiness?

6. After meeting with Con, Kinsey decides the time has come to finally trap Marcia Threadgill, the fraudster who is trying to get money out of the California Fidelity Insurance Company. What does Kinsey do?

7. After her third visit to the Glass residence, Kinsey returns to Santa Teresa and sleeps until 4 in the afternoon. Then she heads to Nikki's beach house. What happens at the beach house?

8. After taking photos of Marcia Threadgill, Garry Steinberg passes some information on to Kinsey. What is it, and why might it be important to the case?

9. Kinsey takes boxes of Libby's things back to the motel room. What does she do and what does she find?

10. After confronting Lyle in L.A., Kinsey goes to the accounting firm where Libby used to work. What does she tell Garry Steinberg that she suspects about Charlie?

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