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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kinsey believes that Gwen did not kill Sharon and Libby. What does she decide she must do?
(a) Kinsey realizes she must keep investigating the case.
(b) Kinsey knows she must turn Gwen in to the police.
(c) Kinsey knows she must contact Nikki immediately about this.
(d) Kinsey decides she must start from the beginning.

2. Who does Kinsey call after she goes over her notes for the last time, and why?
(a) Con Dolan. She needs his help with the case.
(b) Charlie. She tells them they have to cool their relationship until after her investigation is over.
(c) Diane Fife. She wants to clarify some information about the dog.
(d) Nikki. She tells her she knows who killed Laurence.

3. What does Kinsey realize she and Charlie have in common as they talk at the Ranch House?
(a) They both work out regularly.
(b) They both pour everything they have into their jobs.
(c) They grew up in the same city.
(d) The both hate health food.

4. When Kinsey visits him for the second time, how does Colin respond to Kinsey's questions?
(a) He signs to his mother that he doesn't like Kinsey.
(b) He is upset and doesn't want to answer.
(c) He answers all her questions.
(d) He runs away and hides.

5. At their meeting, Kinsey and Diane talk about the family dog, Bruno. What happened to Bruno?
(a) He was killed by a car on the Labor Day weekend just before Laurence died.
(b) Laurence gave Bruno to Libby just before his death.
(c) Gwen had Bruno destroyed just to anger Laurence.
(d) He disappeared, and no one had a clue what happened to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Kinsey meets with Gwen for the third time, what does Kinsey attribute Laurence's interest in Nikki to?

2. Charlie shows up soon after she's reviewed the Fife case. Why has he come to see her?

3. After Gwen's confession, what does Kinsey believe about Lyle?

4. How does Kinsey feel about Charlie's staying the night at her place?

5. Kinsey is still working on the insurance fraudster case. What does she decide to do to catch the woman out?

Short Essay Questions

1. What details does Kinsey have to take care of when she returns to her motel in Los Angeles, after concluding her meetings with Greg and Diane Fife?

2. Kinsey decides she has to return to Nikki's beach house to follow up on something. What is it, and what is the result of the follow up?

3. Kinsey now knows that Gwen killed Laurence but is still puzzled about the deaths of Libby and Sharon. She realizes there must be another murderer. Where does she go, and what does she plan to do?

4. After her third visit to the Glass residence, Kinsey returns to Santa Teresa and sleeps until 4 in the afternoon. Then she heads to Nikki's beach house. What happens at the beach house?

5. After meeting with Garry Steinberg, Kinsey goes back to the Glass residence where only Mrs. Glass is waiting for her. What happens when they go down to the basement to get Libby's things?

6. What surprising things does Gwen Fife tell Kinsey when she meets her at Rosie's Bar?

7. Kinsey phones Charlotte Mercer after discussing the "Darling Elizabeth" letter with Con Dolan. What does Charlotte tell her? Who can Kinsey now eliminate as suspects? Who can't she eliminate, causing her uneasiness?

8. After Garry shares his news about Lyle, Gwen Fife calls Kinsey, and they arrange to meet for lunch. What does Gwen tell Kinsey, and how does Kinsey respond?

9. What is the result of Kinsey's going to the Ranch House restaurant with Charlie?

10. The morning after Sharon Napier's death, Kinsey heads to Salton Sea. Who does she meet there, and what does she learn?

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