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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kinsey remember about the Laurence Fife case that might be important to his death?
(a) That he took allergy medication.
(b) That he was an alcoholic with memory lapses.
(c) That he was a careless driver.
(d) That he had had several death threats.

2. Which statement does NOT apply to Rosie's Bar?
(a) The plastic seats have little rips in them.
(b) It is a Santa Teresa tourist attraction.
(c) Drunken patrons shoot arrows at the marlin on the wall.
(d) The cuisine has a Hungarian twist.

3. What does the Santa Teresa detective allow Kinsey to do?
(a) Look at the files of Laurence Fife's murder.
(b) Download his computer files to her memory stick.
(c) Check the computer files for information on Nikki Fife.
(d) Phone his contacts around Santa Teresa.

4. Where does Kinsey keep the information she records on her cases?
(a) On her cell phone.
(b) On her computer.
(c) On a bulletin board.
(d) On a blackboard.

5. How did the particular piece of evidence help convict Nikki?
(a) It proved that Laurence was running a drug ring.
(b) It revealed that Nikki was blackmailing Laurence.
(c) It pointed to Nikki's involvement in organized crime.
(d) It told of her husband's extramarital affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. The phone call from Sharon prompts Kinsey to go to Sharon's apartment. What happens there?

2. Nikki Fife wants Kinsey to investigate a crime from some years before. Where does she meet Kinsey?

3. What does Kinsey plan to do after she meets with Sharon Napier?

4. What opinion does Gwen have about the trial for her ex-husband Laurence's murder?

5. What was Libby Glass' occupation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kinsey visits the firm where Libby Glass worked and leaves her card for a Garry Steinberg to call her. Soon she is talking to Charlie Scorsoni who calls her from Denver. What does Kinsey tell Charlie?

2. After meeting Sharon at the casino, Kinsey goes back to her motel room to sleep, still feeling sick, and is woken up by a phone call from Sharon at 8:30 that night. What happens while Kinsey is on the phone with Sharon?

3. Kinsey confronts Lyle after she leaves the Glass residence by following him to his workplace. How does he respond to her questions about Libby?

4. What is Kinsey's impression of Las Vegas?

5. Who is Con Dolan, and why does Kinsey go to visit him?

6. What other case has Kinsey started working on when she is approached by Nikki?

7. How does Kinsey get to Las Vegas?

8. Kinsey likes to jog every day, and when she goes out for her daily run after visiting Montebello, Charlie Scorsoni pulls up beside her in his blue Mercedes. They go back to Kinsey's apartment. What do they talk about there?

9. Kinsey tells Nikki she believes that Nikki is innocent. She agrees to take the case on certain conditions. What are they? What does Nikki do?

10. What does Kinsey learn when she stops to speak to Laurence Fife's pharmacist before she leaves Montebello?

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