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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kinsey respond to the Santa Teresa homicide detective's interest in Sharon Napier's death?
(a) She realizes she's in real danger.
(b) She immediately tells Charlie about it.
(c) She says she knows nothing about it.
(d) She tells the homicide detective he's crazy.

2. At their meeting, Kinsey and Diane talk about the family dog, Bruno. What happened to Bruno?
(a) Gwen had Bruno destroyed just to anger Laurence.
(b) Laurence gave Bruno to Libby just before his death.
(c) He was killed by a car on the Labor Day weekend just before Laurence died.
(d) He disappeared, and no one had a clue what happened to him.

3. Before going back to Santa Teresa, what does Kinsey do at the Glass house?
(a) She asks Mr. Glass questions about Libby.
(b) She confronts Lyle with questions about his past.
(c) She looks around the basement for more clues about what happened the day before.
(d) She has new locks and an alarm system installed.

4. The day after her visit to Sharon's apartment, Kinsey meets with Gwen Fife's son Greg. Where does he live?
(a) Las Vegas.
(b) Salton Sea.
(c) Claremont.
(d) Monterey.

5. Charlie and Kinsey make love again. How does Kinsey feel about this after Charlie leaves?
(a) It is unprofessional and dangerous behavior.
(b) She feels used.
(c) She is very happy with their relationship.
(d) She thinks she can get more information from him this way.

6. How does Kinsey respond to Charlie when he takes her out to the Ranch House in Ojai?
(a) She decides she is not interested in him anymore.
(b) She thinks he is a pompous bore.
(c) She thinks she is falling in love.
(d) She is attracted to him but is also irritated with him.

7. What does Charlie's secretary give Kinsey when she phones her to ask about his whereabouts when Sharon died?
(a) She gives Kinsey the full details of where he was that day.
(b) She gives Kinsey the phone number of where she can reach him.
(c) She gives Kinsey his itinerary for the week ahead.
(d) She gives Kinsey a lecture on minding her own business.

8. How does Diane feel about what happened to Bruno?
(a) She still grieves and wishes he were back.
(b) She thinks it had something to do with Laurence's death.
(c) She blames herself.
(d) She doesn't think it connects to Laurence's death.

9. When Kinsey meets with Nikki after visiting the Glasses for the second time, what does she ask Nikki to examine?
(a) The letter Kinsey found addressed to "Darling Elizabeth."
(b) Libby's diary for the six months before Laurence died.
(c) A newspaper report on Laurence's death.
(d) Her memory about the Labor Day weekend before Laurence died.

10. What does Kinsey tell Mrs. Glass after finding the letter to Libby from Laurence?
(a) She tells her what she read in the letter.
(b) She tells her she is off the case.
(c) She tells her she didn't find anything of interest.
(d) She tells her Libby was having an affair with Laurence.

11. When Kinsey visits Mrs. Glass for the second time, what happens when she and Mrs. Glass go into the basement?
(a) Someone pushes them from behind.
(b) There is an explosion.
(c) A window breaks upstairs.
(d) Mrs. Glass falls down the stairs.

12. What does the homicide detective say about Kinsey's involvement in Sharon Napier's death?
(a) He suspects she may have killed Sharon.
(b) He is happy with what she has done so far.
(c) He believes she should take some responsibility for Sharon's death.
(d) He wants all the details she has about Sharon.

13. While visiting Nikki and Colin for the second time, what does Kinsey tell her about Laurence?
(a) That he wasn't on any type of medication when he died.
(b) That more women have contacted Kinsey about having affairs with him.
(c) That Charlotte Mercer had told her he liked to return to old lovers.
(d) That Charlotte Mercer was seeing Laurence when he died.

14. Over dinner at the Ranch House, what does Charlie tell Kinsey about?
(a) His difficult childhood
(b) His plans for the future.
(c) His failed marriage.
(d) Laurence's affairs.

15. While Kinsey and Charlie are at John Powers' place, Charlie gets angry with Kinsey. Why?
(a) She accuses him of lying.
(b) She won't commit to being his girlfriend.
(c) She asks him questions about the Fife case.
(d) She won't give up her career for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kinsey take photos when the insurance fraudster shows up?

2. Kinsey picks up her developed photos after visiting the homicide division. What is significant about the photos?

3. What does Kinsey decide she has to do as she reviews her notes for the last time?

4. What emotion does Kinsey feel as she watches Charlie at the restaurant?

5. On her second visit to their house, what does Kinsey hear in the Glass's basement?

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