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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before Kinsey meets with Gwen for a second time, Charlie Scorsoni shows up. What does he want?
(a) To track down Laurence Fife's car.
(b) Gwen's phone number.
(c) To confess his involvement in Laurence Fife's murder.
(d) To apologize to Kinsey and tell her he wants to help her with the Fife case.

2. After looking at the files on the Laurence Fife case, Kinsey is no longer convinced Nikki is necessarily guilty. What is the detective's reaction?
(a) He tells her that she is dead wrong.
(b) He knows that she will share any new information she finds with the police.
(c) He just laughs and shakes his head.
(d) He tells her that she is an amateur with no investigative skills.

3. What does Lyle suggest to Kinsey was the cause of Libby's death?
(a) Multiple sclerosis.
(b) Suicide.
(c) An accidental overdose.
(d) Years of drug abuse caught up with her.

4. While they are meeting at Nikki's marital home, what does Nikki tell Kinsey is the reason for Gwen and Laurence's divorce?
(a) Gwen had had an affair.
(b) Gwen was never home.
(c) Laurence many affairs.
(d) Laurence was abusing Gwen.

5. Charlie Scorsoni had changed since Kinsey had last seen him at the murder trial eight years previously. What has changed about him?
(a) He has lost his hair.
(b) He has had a nose job.
(c) He has lost weight.
(d) He has gained weight.

6. When Kinsey first visits him, what is the police detective's assessment of the Libby Glass case?
(a) That someone else killed Libby Glass.
(b) That Nikki Fife was responsible for her death also.
(c) That Libby Glass took the poison accidentally.
(d) That Libby Glass killed herself.

7. While Kinsey is on the phone to Sharon, Sharon goes to the answer the door. What does Kinsey then hear?
(a) Glass breaking.
(b) A scream.
(c) A muffled voice and laughter.
(d) A gun discharging.

8. How long ago did the crime take place that Nikki wants Kinsey to investigate?
(a) Four years.
(b) Two years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Eight years.

9. At their restaurant meeting, Gwen explains to Kinsey that she never knew how bad her marriage was until something occurred. What was it?
(a) She had an affair with a great guy.
(b) Laurence lost all their money gambling.
(c) She met one of Laurence's girlfriends.
(d) Her children refused to associate with their father.

10. While they were at Rosie's, what does Nikki tell Kinsey she is absolutely convinced of?
(a) That Laurence was going to kill Sharon Napier.
(b) That Kinsey was the best investigator in town.
(c) That Laurence was having an affair before he died.
(d) That Laurence was stealing from his firm.

11. How does Kinsey travel to Nevada?
(a) She flies.
(b) She gets a lift from an old friend.
(c) She drives into the night.
(d) She takes a train.

12. When Kinsey leaves Sharon's apartment for the last time, what does Kinsey take with her?
(a) Sharon's blonde wig.
(b) Some of Sharon's unpaid bills.
(c) Sharon's shoes.
(d) Sharon's datebook.

13. When they talk at Rosie's, what does Nikki say was her reason for staying with Laurence?
(a) He was rich.
(b) Her young son Colin.
(c) She still loved him.
(d) He threatened to kill her.

14. Nikki served time for this crime. How long was she in jail?
(a) Eight years.
(b) Eight months.
(c) Two years
(d) Four years.

15. The day after Kinsey's meeting with Charlie Scorsoni, she meets with Gwen, Laurence Fife's first wife. Where does Gwen work?
(a) At a dog-grooming business.
(b) At a veterinarian's office.
(c) At an animal shelter.
(d) At a pet store.

Short Answer Questions

1. The victim of the crime was Laurence Fife. What relationship was Nikki to him?

2. What is one reason Charlie would like to see Sharon Napier again?

3. Once Kinsey gets inside Sharon's apartment, what does she find there?

4. At the end of her conversation with Nikki in Rosie's Bar, Kinsey says that the first move will be to talk to a certain individual. Who is that person?

5. When Kinsey asks Lyle Abernathy why he didn't finish law school, what reason does he give?

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