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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After noticing a change at her insurance fraudster's apartment, what does Kinsey do?
(a) Talks to the landlord.
(b) Interviews one of the woman's neighbors for information.
(c) Reports to the insurance company what she has seen.
(d) Phones the police.

2. What happens the morning after Kinsey first meets with Sharon?
(a) Kinsey gets a call from Sharon's ex-husband.
(b) The police call Kinsey and say Sharon is dead.
(c) Sharon comes to Kinsey's motel room to talk.
(d) Kinsey sleeps in and misses her appointment with Sharon.

3. When Kinsey goes to see California Fidelity about her insurance fraudster case, what do her clients there tell her?
(a) That they won't pursue the case.
(b) That the fraudster appears to have left Santa Teresa.
(c) That they want her to investigate it further.
(d) That they are happy with what she's done so far.

4. While Kinsey is on the phone to Sharon, Sharon goes to the answer the door. What does Kinsey then hear?
(a) Glass breaking.
(b) A gun discharging.
(c) A muffled voice and laughter.
(d) A scream.

5. What is wrong with Libby Glass's father?
(a) He has lost his hearing.
(b) He had polio as a child.
(c) He has emphysema.
(d) He is disabled from a car accident.

6. After leaving Lyle Abernathy, Kinsey next visits Libby's workplace in Los Angeles. What is the name of the firm?
(a) Continental and Dunhill.
(b) Pitts and Rivera.
(c) Haycraft and McNiece.
(d) Embden and Maloney.

7. Soon after visiting Libby's workplace in L.A., Kinsey hears from Charlie Scorsoni. What does she say is the first item on her itinerary?
(a) She is going to relax at Disneyland.
(b) She is going to visit Libby Glass's parents again.
(c) She is going to do a criminal check on Charlie.
(d) She is going to Nevada to find Sharon Napier.

8. What does Kinsey first do to trace Sharon Napier's whereabouts?
(a) She interviews her former coworkers.
(b) She contacts the post office for a forwarding address.
(c) She checks the area phone books.
(d) She tracks her car registration.

9. Laurence Fife had had a lot of affairs. Gwen told Kinsey that one of his affairs was with Charlotte Mercer. Whom was she married to?
(a) A judge.
(b) A heart surgeon.
(c) A famous lawyer.
(d) Laurence's boss.

10. When they talk at Rosie's, what does Nikki say was her reason for staying with Laurence?
(a) She still loved him.
(b) He threatened to kill her.
(c) Her young son Colin.
(d) He was rich.

11. Once Kinsey gets inside Sharon's apartment, what does she find there?
(a) Explosive devices.
(b) Charlie Scorsoni.
(c) A dead body.
(d) An unknown intruder who pushes by Kinsey and escapes.

12. Kinsey asks Nikki to pay her $1000 up front for her investigative work. How much does Nikki write a check for?
(a) $1500.
(b) $2000.
(c) $500.
(d) $5000.

13. For whom does Kinsey leave a message at Libby's workplace in L.A.?
(a) Jeffrey Graham.
(b) Garry Stevens.
(c) Garry Steinberg.
(d) Jeffrey Greenberg.

14. Who is Kinsey's detective contact on the Santa Teresa police force?
(a) Shaun Napier.
(b) Henry Pitts.
(c) Con Dolan.
(d) Mark Threadgill.

15. Libby Glass worked for Haycraft and McNiece. What does this firm do?
(a) It publishes investigative reports.
(b) It is Santa Teresa' most important law firm.
(c) It is a business management firm that represented Laurence Fife's firm.
(d) It investigates wrongful death cases.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of her conversation with Nikki in Rosie's Bar, Kinsey says that the first move will be to talk to a certain individual. Who is that person?

2. The police detective decided not to charge Nikki with Libby Glass' death. Why?

3. What does Lyle suggest to Kinsey was the cause of Libby's death?

4. What other case in Kinsey working on while she thinks about Nikki's request?

5. How did the particular piece of evidence help convict Nikki?

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