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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gwen calls Kinsey to meet with her for the third time. What does she want to tell Kinsey?
(a) The proof Nikki didn't kill Laurence.
(b) The names of the men she'd had an affair with while she was married to Laurence.
(c) The name of the person who killed Laurence.
(d) The reasons why Libby couldn't have been murdered.

2. How does Kinsey respond to Charlie when he takes her out to the Ranch House in Ojai?
(a) She thinks he is a pompous bore.
(b) She decides she is not interested in him anymore.
(c) She thinks she is falling in love.
(d) She is attracted to him but is also irritated with him.

3. At their restaurant meeting, Gwen explains to Kinsey that she never knew how bad her marriage was until something occurred. What was it?
(a) Laurence lost all their money gambling.
(b) She met one of Laurence's girlfriends.
(c) Her children refused to associate with their father.
(d) She had an affair with a great guy.

4. What opinion does Gwen have about the trial for her ex-husband Laurence's murder?
(a) She thinks Nikki was guilty but should have served less time.
(b) She thinks it was a joke.
(c) She thinks Nikki should have served a life sentence.
(d) She thinks it was a fair trial and that justice was served.

5. Why does Kinsey take photos when the insurance fraudster shows up?
(a) She wants to show her picture to the police.
(b) The insurance company asked her to.
(c) The insurance company thinks she is following the wrong woman.
(d) Kinsey wants to catch the fraudster doing something she claims she is unable to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. What valuable piece of information does Greg Fife tell Kinsey that relates to his father's case?

2. What does Kinsey plan to do after she meets with Sharon Napier?

3. Kinsey asks Nikki what she thinks of Charlie's being responsible for Laurence's death. How does she respond?

4. While they are meeting at Nikki's marital home, what does Nikki tell Kinsey is the reason for Gwen and Laurence's divorce?

5. Kinsey is trying to find out more about Libby Glass when she goes to L.A. She looks up Lyle Abernathy but finds no listing for him. What was Lyle to Libby?

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