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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens the morning after Kinsey first meets with Sharon?
(a) Kinsey gets a call from Sharon's ex-husband.
(b) Sharon comes to Kinsey's motel room to talk.
(c) Kinsey sleeps in and misses her appointment with Sharon.
(d) The police call Kinsey and say Sharon is dead.

2. What opinion does Gwen have about the trial for her ex-husband Laurence's murder?
(a) She thinks it was a joke.
(b) She thinks Nikki was guilty but should have served less time.
(c) She thinks Nikki should have served a life sentence.
(d) She thinks it was a fair trial and that justice was served.

3. In Chapter 9, Kinsey heads to Los Angeles. Where does she stay?
(a) The Monte Vista Motel.
(b) Arlette's Boarding House.
(c) The Hacienda Motor Lodge.
(d) The Happy Valley Inn.

4. After looking at the files on the Laurence Fife case, Kinsey is no longer convinced Nikki is necessarily guilty. What is the detective's reaction?
(a) He knows that she will share any new information she finds with the police.
(b) He tells her that she is an amateur with no investigative skills.
(c) He just laughs and shakes his head.
(d) He tells her that she is dead wrong.

5. What is wrong with Libby Glass's father?
(a) He has emphysema.
(b) He had polio as a child.
(c) He has lost his hearing.
(d) He is disabled from a car accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kinsey goes to scope out Sharon's apartment before she visits her at her workplace. What does she find at the apartment?

2. After noticing a change at her insurance fraudster's apartment, what does Kinsey do?

3. The phone call from Sharon prompts Kinsey to go to Sharon's apartment. What happens there?

4. Who does Diane say was the only person her father ever really loved?

5. When Kinsey meets Colin Fife for the first time, what does she think he looks like?

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