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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Kinsey returns to Santa Teresa from Los Angeles, who has left her three messages?
(a) Greg Fife.
(b) Garry Steinberg.
(c) Charlie Scorsoni.
(d) Gwen Fife.

2. Whom does Kinsey suspect of being responsible for the incident in the Glass's basement?
(a) Lyle Abernathy.
(b) Mr. Glass.
(c) Charlie Scorsoni.
(d) The police.

3. Soon after leaving her interview with Nikki, Kinsey returns to her surveillance of the insurance fraudster. What does she notice has changed at the woman's apartment?
(a) Her name has been removed from her mailbox.
(b) The drapes have been changed in the living room.
(c) A different car is parked in the woman's regular space.
(d) A withered plant that had been there before has been replaced with a huge hanging plant.

4. What does Diane want Kinsey to do with a photo album she has?
(a) To give it to Gwen.
(b) To destroy it.
(c) To keep it in a safe place until the case is solved.
(d) To give it to her half-brother Colin.

5. The morning after arriving in Nevada, what is the first thing Kinsey does?
(a) She heads for the nearest casino.
(b) She leaves $50 for the friend who gave her Sharon's address.
(c) She follows Sharon to work.
(d) She finds a better motel to stay in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What valuable piece of information does Greg Fife tell Kinsey that relates to his father's case?

2. Which phrase best describes the Santa Teresa detective who is Kinsey's contact?

3. Nikki Fife wants Kinsey to investigate a crime from some years before. Where does she meet Kinsey?

4. Once Kinsey returns home from Los Angeles, she has to make a difficult phone call regarding Sharon. Who is the call to?

5. At their meeting, Kinsey and Diane talk about the family dog, Bruno. What happened to Bruno?

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