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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what is Nikki's opinion of Sharon Napier?
(a) Sharon is lazy and disrespectful
(b) Sharon is intelligent and brave.
(c) Sharon is a great person and a good friend.
(d) Sharon is hard working and honest.

2. What condition does Kinsey put on Nikki's request to investigate the crime?
(a) She will investigate this old case only if new evidence can be found.
(b) She demands $4000 up front.
(c) She asks for any items Nikki has that belonged to Laurence.
(d) She says that Nikki must not question how Kinsey will proceed.

3. Libby Glass worked for Haycraft and McNiece. What does this firm do?
(a) It investigates wrongful death cases.
(b) It is Santa Teresa' most important law firm.
(c) It publishes investigative reports.
(d) It is a business management firm that represented Laurence Fife's firm.

4. When she sees her for the first time, what is Kinsey's impression of Sharon?
(a) That she is very sharp and talks a lot.
(b) That she is tall and attractive.
(c) That she is slow and dull witted.
(d) That she is very short and cranky.

5. What is the name of the hotel where Sharon Napier worked?
(a) Rosie's.
(b) The Bagdad.
(c) The Pines.
(d) The Fremont.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nikki served time for this crime. How long was she in jail?

2. Kinsey asks Nikki to pay her $1000 up front for her investigative work. How much does Nikki write a check for?

3. At their meeting at Nikki's former home, what does Nikki tell Kinsey about Charlie Scorsoni?

4. What does Kinsey do after she leaves the Glass's residence?

5. Before she leaves the Glass's home, what arrangements does Kinsey make with Mrs. Glass?

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