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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While at Rosie's, Nikki tells Kinsey she knows the name Libby Glass. How does she know it?
(a) Nikki's attorney mentioned it during her trial.
(b) Nikki had met her at a party.
(c) Nikki went to school with Libby.
(d) Nikki snooped through Laurence's phone bills.

2. While they are meeting at Nikki's marital home, what does Nikki tell Kinsey is the reason for Gwen and Laurence's divorce?
(a) Laurence many affairs.
(b) Gwen was never home.
(c) Gwen had had an affair.
(d) Laurence was abusing Gwen.

3. What surprise does Kinsey get when she meets with Libby Glass's parents?
(a) Lyle Abernathy lives with them.
(b) Lyle Abernathy walks their dog.
(c) Lyle Abernathy is coming for lunch.
(d) Lyle Abernathy takes care of their yard.

4. When Kinsey asks Lyle Abernathy why he didn't finish law school, what reason does he give?
(a) He wanted to study something else.
(b) He wasn't smart enough.
(c) He hates lawyers.
(d) He got into smoking dope too much.

5. Which statement does NOT apply to Rosie's Bar?
(a) It is a Santa Teresa tourist attraction.
(b) Drunken patrons shoot arrows at the marlin on the wall.
(c) The cuisine has a Hungarian twist.
(d) The plastic seats have little rips in them.

Short Answer Questions

1. After finding out about Charlotte Mercer, why does Kinsey want to speak to her?

2. What does Kinsey find out that makes her think Nikki might be guilty after all?

3. What does Lyle suggest to Kinsey was the cause of Libby's death?

4. After noticing a change at her insurance fraudster's apartment, what does Kinsey do?

5. At the end of her conversation with Nikki in Rosie's Bar, Kinsey says that the first move will be to talk to a certain individual. Who is that person?

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