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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kinsey asks Nikki what she thinks of Charlie's being responsible for Laurence's death. How does she respond?
(a) Nikki says she's thought it over and wants to look into it.
(b) Nikki does not think Charlie had a motive.
(c) Nikki says that it was impossible because Charlie was with her that night.
(d) Nikki laughs hysterically at the idea.

2. When Kinsey meets with Charlotte Mercer, what does Charlotte tell her?
(a) That she will harass Nikki Fife for the rest of her life.
(b) That she had an affair with Laurence but he had broken it off.
(c) That she never had an affair with Laurence.
(d) To get out of her house.

3. Later the same day after her first meeting with Gwen, Kinsey asks Nikki Fife to meet her in the house where Laurence died. Where is the house?
(a) Monte Carlo.
(b) Sherman Woods.
(c) Montebello.
(d) Elmvale.

4. What opinion does Gwen have about the trial for her ex-husband Laurence's murder?
(a) She thinks it was a fair trial and that justice was served.
(b) She thinks Nikki should have served a life sentence.
(c) She thinks it was a joke.
(d) She thinks Nikki was guilty but should have served less time.

5. How is Santa Teresa, where Kinsey works and lives, described in Chapter 2?
(a) As a haven for the rich.
(b) As a slumbering suburb.
(c) As a vital and exciting city.
(d) As a rundown working-class town.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of her conversation with Nikki in Rosie's Bar, Kinsey says that the first move will be to talk to a certain individual. Who is that person?

2. When they talk at Rosie's, what does Nikki say was her reason for staying with Laurence?

3. Kinsey asks Nikki to pay her $1000 up front for her investigative work. How much does Nikki write a check for?

4. What does Kinsey find out that makes her think Nikki might be guilty after all?

5. Why was Sharon Napier a witness at Nikki's trial for the murder of Laurence?

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