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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While at Rosie's, Nikki tells Kinsey she knows the name Libby Glass. How does she know it?
(a) Nikki snooped through Laurence's phone bills.
(b) Nikki went to school with Libby.
(c) Nikki's attorney mentioned it during her trial.
(d) Nikki had met her at a party.

2. Kinsey walks home after talking to Nikki at Rosie's Bar. How far away does she live?
(a) Half a mile.
(b) Half a block.
(c) Two miles.
(d) Four miles.

3. While they are meeting at Nikki's marital home, what does Nikki tell Kinsey is the reason for Gwen and Laurence's divorce?
(a) Gwen had had an affair.
(b) Laurence many affairs.
(c) Gwen was never home.
(d) Laurence was abusing Gwen.

4. Why is Rosie, the owner of Rosie's Bar, openly hostile to Nikki when she and Kinsey meet there for lunch?
(a) Rosie suspects Nikki of cheating Kinsey.
(b) Nikki left the bar the week before without paying.
(c) Rosie believes that Kinsey associates with Mafia types and drug dealers.
(d) Rosie knows Nikki has done time for murder.

5. When Kinsey goes to see California Fidelity about her insurance fraudster case, what do her clients there tell her?
(a) That they are happy with what she's done so far.
(b) That they won't pursue the case.
(c) That they want her to investigate it further.
(d) That the fraudster appears to have left Santa Teresa.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Diane feel about what happened to Bruno?

2. Kinsey is trying to find out more about Libby Glass when she goes to L.A. She looks up Lyle Abernathy but finds no listing for him. What was Lyle to Libby?

3. Where does Kinsey keep the information she records on her cases?

4. What does Diane want Kinsey to do with a photo album she has?

5. According to Nikki, why was Laurence Fife taking a medication called HistaDril before he died?

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