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Santa Teresa

A well-heeled community in Southern California.

California Fidelity Insurance Company

An organization that hires individuals to investigate fraud.

Nikki's Diary

This item is among the evidence used to convict a killer.

HistaDril Vial

A drug instrumental in the death of a murder victim.

White Wine

The favorite drink of a Santa Teresa private investigator.

Rosie's Bar

A neighborhood landmark that gives the locals a home-turf advantage.

Index Cards

These items are used to organize facts.

VW Bug

A traveling office with most of the comforts of home.


A California shrub.


A place to exercise but also a place of danger.

K-9 Korners

A business created by someone who is facing a changed life.

Salton Sea

A community south of Palm Springs.

Hansel and Gretel

Used as deterrents to keep children off a wealthy compound.

Los Angeles

A community where the investigation of an accounting...

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