A Is for Alibi Fun Activities

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Create an 'A' Is for Alibi Scroll

Create a long scroll that shows the events of "'A' Is for Alibi" in chronological order, using drawings, comic strips, words cut from magazines, poems, or any other means you wish to use.

Be a Private Detective

Pretend you are a private detective, and write up a daily report that is addressed to the person who hired you. It can be any kind of case you like. Describe the case, detail your daily activities, what you discovered, and what expenses you will charge your client.

Be a Movie Producer

You're a successful movie producer who wants to make "'A' Is for Alibi" into a movie. Write up a scenario for the movie. Remember, most movies are only 90 minutes long, so you will have to cut some scenes from the book. List what scenes you would include and which settings you will...

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