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Chapter 1

• Kinsey Millhone is an independent private investigator.

• She lives and works in the town of Santa Teresa, California.

• One day a woman named Nikki Fife is waiting for Kinsey outside her office.

• Kinsey recognizes Nikki from a trial eight years before.

• At that trial, Nikki had been convicted of killing her husband, Laurence Fife.

• She spent eight years in jail.

• Nikki maintains she is innocent.

• Nikki wants to hire Kinsey to find Laurence's killer.

• Nikki had been convicted on the strength of a diary she kept about Laurence's activities.

• She had followed him and recorded what he did because he was cheating on her.

• Kinsey agrees to take the case, but she is not optimistic about the outcome for Nikki.

• Nikki leaves.

• Kinsey goes outside to take a photo for another case and mulls over Nikki's request.

• She remembers that Laurence Fife was a divorce lawyer who...

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