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Amanda Lindhout
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 37 - 41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Prologue, who was holding Amanda and Nigel captive?
(a) A group of boys.
(b) A foreign government.
(c) Bank Robbers.
(d) Relatives of Nigel.

2. In Chapter 17, whose phone number did Amanda provide the kidnappers?
(a) Her grandmother's.
(b) One of her brother's.
(c) Her father's.
(d) Her mother's.

3. In Chapter 29, why did Amanda want to communicate with Skids?
(a) To see if the ransom was paid.
(b) To see if she could get medicine.
(c) To see if she could get more food.
(d) To see if she can see Nigel.

4. Amanda pleaded with the people in the mosque to try to help her after they had escaped. What did she tell them?
(a) That she was being raped.
(b) She was married.
(c) She was being beaten.
(d) She was Muslim.

5. How were Amanda and Nigel treated after they converted to Muslim?
(a) Badly.
(b) Like heroes.
(c) Courteously.
(d) Like slaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. One day Abdullah entered her room. What happened that day in Chapter 24?

2. In Chapter 40, Amanda felt a difference in the air as they neared their new destination. What did she know was close by?

3. In Chapter 31, who took Amanda and Nigel to the mosque to help rescue them?

4. Where did Amanda meet Nigel?

5. After being threatened with death in Chapter 27, Amanda was given a chance to talk to her mother. Where did her mother say they were going to get the money for Amanda's release?

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