Daily Lessons for Teaching A House in the Sky

Amanda Lindhout
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 5)


In Chapter 1 as a child, Amanda believed that there was more to life than what she was experiencing. The aim of this lesson is to examine why Amanda believed her life was elsewhere and where she wanted that life to be.


Class Discussion: Why did Amanda's parents divorce? What type of household did her mother run? Who was her mother's boyfriend? What was the problem with her mother's relationship with her boyfriend? What might Amanda and her brother hear in the night? How would fighting make them feel? How badly had Russel hurt Amanda's mother at times? What had happened when Amanda and her brothers had tried to stop the abuse? Why didn't they try any more? How did the balance of power constantly shift in the relationship between Amanda's mother and Russell? Why did Amanda just try to move past the fighting and problems...

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