A House in the Sky Character Descriptions

Amanda Lindhout
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This person was a cocktail waitress who used her earning to travel around the world and who later decided to become a photojournalist.


This person accompanied a girlfriend on a trip to South America.


This person started out as a coworker of the author's, but later became a good friend and fellow traveler.


This person never expected an unplanned love affair with the author and a love for photography would lead to time in captivity.


This personr was a lead negotiator for the kidnappers and a leader of the kidnappers.


This person was one of the kidnappers who felt he was powerful and would threaten the captives when he was left in charge.


This person tortured and raped the author many times.


This person was the son of a religious leader and would bring extra tea, books, and food as he...

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