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This is where the Hanuman House is located.

Port of Spain

This area is the capital of Trinidad.

Hanuman House

This is the location where many of the family's fourteen daughters, their husbands and children live.

The Yellow Typewriter

This item is painted a bright color.

The Village

Mr. Biswas spent his early childhood in this area.

Green Vale, The Tulsi Sugar Estate

Shortly after Mr. Biswas' marriage, he accepts the position of driver, or assistant overseer, in this location.

The Shack at Green Vale

This structure was built with $15 and a great deal of ingenuity.

The Estate at Shorthills

The Tulsi family relocates to this area, which has a dilapidated cricket field and swimming pool.

The Shack at Shorthills

This structure is completed in just a month. Mr. Biswas attributes this to the fact that it is never blessed by a pundit.

Mr. Biswas' House


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