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A Successful Legacy

Write Mr. Biswas' obituary. What were his successes? What did he leave behind as a legacy?


Write a letter from Shama to her mother, Mrs. Tulsi, defending her decision to remain with Mr. Biswas after he is fired from the "Trinidad Sentinel."

What Luck!?

What are some examples of superstitions about good and bad luck found in other cultures? List as many examples and references as you can think of. What might be the origins and purpose of such superstitions?

A Better Love Letter

For a man who loves literature, Mr. Biswas' love note to Shama was a bit thin. Help him write a better love note that might better capture Shama's attention.

The Joy of Communal Living

Place yourself in Mr. Biswas' shoes, and write a fictional story. Imagine you fall in love and marry someone raised in a traditional Eastern family, and...

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