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Essay Topic 1

Mr. Biswas and Mrs. Tulsi are two of the most influential characters in the story. Compare and contrast their personalities. What is the life goal for each character, and how does each set about achieving their dreams? What influence do these two characters have on the rest of the family?

Essay Topic 2

Collectivism and individualism are two opposing philosophies in the book. Compare and contrast each philosophy and how it affects the characters in the book? Which philosophy is prevalent in the beginning of the book? By the end? What opinion might the author be trying to express about collectivism versus individualism?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the meaning of the houses that Mr. Biswas purchases and/or builds throughout the story. What might each house's purchase or construction represent? What might the sale or destruction of the first several houses represent?

Essay Topic 4

Mr. Biswas marries a...

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