A House for Mr Biswas Character Descriptions

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Mr. Mohun Biswas - Son of an illiterate laborer, this character has his life changed by literature.

Shama Tulsi Biswas - Trapped in an arranged marriage without the usual benefits, this character is sullen and argumentative.

Bipti Biswas - This character lives in a mud hut provided by a wealthy relative.

Raghu Biswas - This character is an illiterate laborer on a sugar estate.

Pratap and Prasad Biswas - Despite child labor laws, these characters work as buffalo boys on the sugar plantation.

Dehuti Biswas - This character lives with a childless aunt and later runs away with a house servant.

Pundit Tulsi - This character is immortalized in a popular drinking song as the first person in Trinidad to be killed by an automobile.

Mrs. Tulsi - This character presides over Hanuman House. This character has fourteen daughters to find husbands for and two sons to...

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