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• Mr. Biswas is fired from his job at the "Trinidad Sentinel."

• Mr. Biswas is terminally ill.

• Shama tries to raise money by selling potatoes.

• Mr. Biswas recommends that they sell their car.
• A detailed description of Mr. Biswas' shoddily constructed house is given to the reader.

• Mr. Biswas is aware that he paid far too much for his house.

• Mr. Biswas remembers the events leading up to the purchase of the house.

Book 1, Chapter 1, Pastoral

• After an argument with her husband, Raghu, Bipti takes her three children and goes to her parent's home.

• Mr. Biswas is born at his grandparents' house.

• The pundit declares that Mr. Biswas is unlucky, particularly his sneeze.

• Raghu is warned to stay away from his son for twenty-one days.
• As a child, Mr. Biswas takes water to a neighbor's calf every day.

• Mr. Biswas takes the calf to a pond where it...

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