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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wu do when a beggar reaches out to him?

2. How often does Yuan's father write to him when he's in America?

3. What is Mei-ling's goal?

4. What is Yuan's room at the inn like?

5. What do the two Chinese brothers do that humiliates Yuan so much?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Yuan feel about America when he leaves it?

2. What does Yuan learn about his father's financial situation when he visits?

3. What does Yuan bring back to China with him from America?

4. When Yuan finds a letter from Mary in his room, what does it say?

5. Why does Yuan grow to like Mei-ling?

6. What is Yuan's reaction to the kiss he shares with Mary?

7. Although Yuan has prejudices about the white people, why does he like his teacher's family?

8. In what ways does Yuan struggle with his pride?

9. How does Yuan incorporate his love of the land with teaching? What are his student's reactions?

10. Does Yuan keep his hopes up about Mei-ling changing her mind about his proposal? Why or why not?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Yuan is often caught between two extremes and has trouble choosing one wholeheartedly. Give three pairs of extremes that Yuan must choose between. What does he finally choose? Why? What causes Yuan from picking one extreme over another?

Essay Topic 2

Yuan feels shame many times in the novel. Citing three examples from the text to support your argument, what are some of the times that Yuan feels shame? Why does he feel this shame? How does Yuan's shame develop or dwindle throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

How is freedom elusive to Yuan? How does Yuan constantly search for freedom but fail to find it? Cite at least examples from the novel to prove the argument.

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