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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yuan discover in his father's room?
(a) The room is completely empty of all furniture.
(b) His mother is waiting for him there.
(c) His father has left him a large sum of money.
(d) That his father is not there.

2. What makes Yuan feel trapped?
(a) His mother's lack of confidence in him.
(b) His father's controlling love.
(c) His lack of education.
(d) His lack of money.

3. What does the letter Yuan receives from his father say?
(a) That he wants to cancel the prearranged marriage.
(b) That he wants Yuan to come home immediately.
(c) That his ailments are only getting worse.
(d) That the prearranged marriage is going on as planned.

4. Why does Sheng want go abroad and never return?
(a) He doesn't believe a revolution is necessary.
(b) The rich people of the region disgust him.
(c) He believes the poor people in foreign countries need more help.
(d) He doesn't want to fight for the common man.

5. What does Yuan do to get the money to travel to the coastal city?
(a) He sells his clothes.
(b) He gets money from his father.
(c) He sells his horse.
(d) He steals from a beggar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Yuan have trouble finding somebody to rent him a room?

2. How does Yuan feel about arranged marriage?

3. Who says, "almost I understand how sons kill their fathers in these days"?

4. Why does Ai-lan's mother want Yuan to watch over Ai-lan?

5. What is the one thing Yuan will miss when he is abroad?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the maid turn into yet another trap for Yuan's freedom?

2. What finally pushes Yuan to join the cause?

3. How does Sheng represent tradition? How does Meng represent revolution?

4. Why does Yuan finally decide to learn to dance at the pleasure houses?

5. Why does Yuan go to the coastal city to see his sister and her mother?

6. What does Yuan do while he is in the countryside?

7. How is danger for the revolutionaries foreshadowed when Yuan, Ai-lan, and the lady mother are on the way to meet Yuan's uncle?

8. When Yuan travels to the earthen home that once belonged to his grandfather, why do the people look at him suspiciously?

9. Why does Yuan sometimes make his homeland seem more perfect than it is?

10. Why does Yuan seem to despise the American people?

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