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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the teacher's daughter do when they attend church?
(a) She prays enthusiastically.
(b) She spends more time socializing than worshipping.
(c) She coldly stares straight ahead.
(d) She is more interested in showing off her clothes than worshipping.

2. What does Mary fear?
(a) That Yuan will lose interest in her.
(b) That her father will drive Yuan away.
(c) That Yuan will not become Christian.
(d) That Yuan will return to his country as a Christian leader.

3. Who is Yuan nervous about meeting when he arrives at the capital city?
(a) The priest from America.
(b) The maid.
(c) His former tutor.
(d) Wang the Tiger.

4. What emotion does Yuan feel after he and Mary kiss?
(a) Excitement.
(b) Contempt.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Confusion.

5. Who is described as being idealistic?
(a) Sheng.
(b) Yuan.
(c) The teacher.
(d) The teacher's daughter.

6. Why is Yuan thankful to Mary?
(a) She taught him how to kiss.
(b) She always believes him.
(c) She doesn't want to marry him.
(d) She stopped him from becoming Christian.

7. What is the bad news that Yuan receives about his hometown?
(a) His father has died.
(b) Revolutionaries have attacked white men.
(c) Revolutionaries have given up on their cause.
(d) Ai-lan has died.

8. How often does Yuan's father write to him when he's in America?
(a) Once a month.
(b) Once each year.
(c) Once every three months.
(d) Once every six months.

9. What does Yuan discover about his uncle when he visits him after his return to China?
(a) He has lost weight.
(b) He has spent more time with Yuan's father.
(c) He has become very poor.
(d) He has become wealthier.

10. What social change has occurred since Yuan left for the United States?
(a) Women can go to school.
(b) Women are not forced to marry.
(c) People no longer abandon their female children.
(d) There are no more poor people.

11. How does Yuan feel about Mary's letter?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Joyful.
(c) Ashamed.
(d) Disappointed.

12. What drink does Yuan stomach out of politeness?
(a) Hot tea.
(b) Iced tea.
(c) Juice.
(d) Hot milk.

13. How old is Mei-ling when Yuan returns to China from America?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Sixteen.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Twenty-five.

14. Who invites Yuan to come work in the new capital city?
(a) Wang the Tiger.
(b) Wang the Merchant.
(c) Sheng.
(d) Meng.

15. Why does Yuan suddenly despise the common men and beggars?
(a) They do not speak in an educated manner.
(b) They make a bad impression.
(c) They are dirty.
(d) They are rude.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mary want Yuan to meet her in the garden?

2. Which character has become a captain in the new army?

3. Who is Mei-ling?

4. During what season does the relationship between Mary and Yuan blossom?

5. Who suggests that Yuan take his class outdoors?

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