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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4—Pages 312-353.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what two ways does Yuan's teacher believe Yuan and Mary are alike?
(a) Rebellion and caution.
(b) Youth and rebellion.
(c) Youth and education.
(d) Youth and tradition.

2. What does the teacher's daughter do when they attend church?
(a) She coldly stares straight ahead.
(b) She is more interested in showing off her clothes than worshipping.
(c) She spends more time socializing than worshipping.
(d) She prays enthusiastically.

3. What does the maid do in response to Yuan's traditional behavior, such as bowing?
(a) She reprimands him for it.
(b) She tells him that he should reserve these courtesies for others.
(c) She thanks him for his courtesies.
(d) She ignores it.

4. When he's in the countryside, what does Yuan decide to do after he receives news about his father?
(a) He continues on his journey.
(b) He returns home.
(c) He returns to school.
(d) He stays in the countryside.

5. What causes Yuan to remain solitary when he's in America?
(a) His native pride.
(b) His lack of communication skills.
(c) He is suspicious of Americans.
(d) His writing consumes his life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yuan do on his first night in the capital?

2. How old is Yuan when he arrives in America?

3. Who says, "almost I understand how sons kill their fathers in these days"?

4. When Yuan proposes to a female character, how does she respond?

5. Why does Yuan get angry at the women Sheng keeps company with?

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