A House Divided Character Descriptions

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Wang Yuan

This character is a shy, tall youth with an honest, high-cheeked face.

Revolutionist Maid/Student

This character is thin with a delicate face and narrow eyes. This quiet character is never absent a day from class.

Mary Wilson

This character's father is a teacher. The character is tall with dark-gray eyes that are very serious.


As a baby, this character was abandoned.

Wang the Tiger

This character is a warlord who wants his child to fulfill goals he wasn't able to.


This character is a poet and writer with long hair.


This character's father is a warlord and is not considered good looking. This character is also an extortionist.

Wang the Tiger's Wife Who Lives in the Coastal City

This character leaves when their child is still very young. This character also gathers money to help free another character when they are arrested...

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