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Chapter 1—Pages 1-27

• Wang Yuan is a 19 year-old Chinese boy whose father is Wang the Tiger, a rich war lord.

• Yuan and his father get into a dispute when his father returns from a long absence.

• Yuan escapes from his father's house to the earthen house his grandfather built long ago.

• The people of the town are very suspicious of Yuan because they think he is a spy for his father and uncles.

• Yuan's mother and a servant bring news to Yuan that his father is sick.

Chapter 1—Pages 27-46

• Yuan is accompanied by guards to his father's home, where he finds him sitting by the fire.

• Yuan's father reveals that he has arranged a marriage for him.

• Enraged, Yuan travels by train to the coastal city where he has a sister, Ai-lan.

Chapter 1—Pages 46-70

• Yuan begins to call Ai-lan's mother his own mother because she takes...

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