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Short Answer Questions

1. Based on Xenophon's explanation, what happened after the raid?

2. What type of operation is described in the beginning of Book 2, Chapter 5?

3. How is a woman's willingness to marry mentioned in the book?

4. What did Procles acknowledge in his speech?

5. What was taking place on the day of the massacre described by the author?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were people educated and trained for their service in a military team?

2. What are the styles of the chapters in "A History of My Times", and what stories are told in Book 2, Chapter 5?

3. How was Alexander murdered?

4. What was the result of the sacrifice made by the Spartans?

5. What things did Polydamss value in a solider?

6. What type of a ruler was Alexander of Pherae in Thessaly?

7. What is an oracle?

8. How did Jason describe the King of Persia and the Persians?

9. What concerns did the Athenians have in the agreement between Athens and Sparta?

10. What was considered to be "the Spartan way" and how was Teleutias's raid received?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the two major methods for making decisions in ancient Greece. First, explain how augury is defined and the way it is used to help the ancient Greeks with their decisions. Second, describe the oracles, where and how they take place, the possible confusion in their interpretation, and why they are considered a highly credible source of wisdom.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the conversation about marriage that Xenophon documents in his story. Use the advice given in the discussion to explain how marriage is viewed in ancient Greece, which things are considered to be the most important in selecting a spouse, and whether or not their priorities are an indication of their culture or society.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Cyrus's war against his brother, the difficulties he faces in the campaign, and how he is assisted by Samius, the Spartan, Include the possible reasons why Xenophon would have wanted to present this story, what it shows for the city of Sparta, and how the story coincides with Xenophon's own view of the Spartans.

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