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Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the crisis of Phocis?

2. What caused the Arcadians to value their status?

3. How many total chapters are included in the book?

4. What type of a massacre was committed?

5. What was the reason for the Spartans' animal sacrifice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is an oracle?

2. What problems in Arcadia end the book, "A History of My Times"?

3. What is augury?

4. How did Jason describe the King of Persia and the Persians?

5. What concerns did the Athenians have in the agreement between Athens and Sparta?

6. How large was Polydamas's mercenary force and how did he test them?

7. How does Xenophon include the issue of marriage in "A History of My Times"?

8. What happened in the city of Phocis and why did Sparta help?

9. Who was Dercylidas and how is he described?

10. What type of a ruler was Alexander of Pherae in Thessaly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Cyrus's war against his brother, the difficulties he faces in the campaign, and how he is assisted by Samius, the Spartan, Include the possible reasons why Xenophon would have wanted to present this story, what it shows for the city of Sparta, and how the story coincides with Xenophon's own view of the Spartans.

Essay Topic 2

The author's motivations for writing the book, "A History of My Times", are revealed by the editor, establishing an important framework for the reader.

1) Explain what motivates Xenophon to write his story, based on the editor's notes and his own commentary.

2) Describe the main points that Xenophon is trying to make in the book and why.

3) Compare Xenophon's writing style with the style of contemporary non-fiction writers.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the stories of Thibron and Cinadon, and how the issues of loyalty and leadership are displayed in them. In Thibron's situation, explain his exile from Sparta, why it is unsuspected by him, and the reasons behind it. For Cinadon's story, describe the events that lead to his arrest, why he does not expect it, and the points that Xenophon is trying to make about trust.

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