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Short Answer Questions

1. What statue provided inspiration for troops as they defeated the enemy without losing a single soldier?

2. What did Procles acknowledge in his speech?

3. Who conducted the raid in the second story of Book 2, Chapter 5?

4. How many total chapters are included in the book?

5. What name was given to the treaty for peace between the Greek cities?

Short Essay Questions

1. What concerns did the Athenians have in the agreement between Athens and Sparta?

2. What was the reason for the surprise massacre that Xenophon includes in his story?

3. What are the styles of the chapters in "A History of My Times", and what stories are told in Book 2, Chapter 5?

4. What happened in the city of Phocis and why did Sparta help?

5. What type of a ruler was Alexander of Pherae in Thessaly?

6. What message is Xenophon delivering with the story of Attica?

7. What was the setting of the massacre that Xenophon recounts?

8. What is an oracle?

9. How does Xenophon include the issue of marriage in "A History of My Times"?

10. How did the Arcadians gain their self-importance, and what did that do for the region?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Xenophon's early background, including his birth, social class, and the challenges of his military experience. Also, provide examples from the book of his leadership style and reputation, his intentions as an Athenian officer, the criticism he encounters during his service, and the validity of that criticism.

Essay Topic 2

In the introduction of "A History of My Times", it is made clear that the book is intended for academic audiences.

1) Describe the formatting of the book discussing how the publisher designed it to be more accessible for scholars.

2) Explain the difference between a memoir and history, and explore why the editor makes the distinction for the book.

3) Analyze the advice given by the editor to prepare the reader for the story and the way it is presented.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the example given by Xenophon of leadership and ranking that centers around the dismissal of several mid-range officers. Provide a description of what influences the decision to exile the mid-range officers, the reaction of the low-ranking officers, how their suggestion is handled, and the reasons why the story represents one of the main themes of the book.

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